Team Fees (2018)

Sessions 2019


Age Group Session (November 20-Febuary 11)

High School Boys Session (November 6-Febuary 11)


All Age Groups (Feb 12- May 4)


All Age Groups (May 7 – July 29)


Age Group Session (August 16–November 4)

High School Girls Session (August 16-November 4)

All Fees Are Paid Online

Please click on the Payments tab to pay any Season, Tournament, and League fees.

Season Fees:

  1. Monthly session payment - $110 due by the 1st week of every month.

    *10u age group monthly session payment is $70

  2. Tournaments and Leagues are an additional cost. ($85-$100 per tournament)

  3. Weekend Scrimmages and Clinics available as well at an additional cost. ($5-$10)